We need lots of non-perishable food donations.
But please:
• No out-of-date items
• No open boxes or packages
• No home canned foods
• No gourmet foods

Please bring your food donations to the Pantry during our regular hours.
If it is a large donation and you would like to use the chute, come to the office before unloading and ask for the chute to be opened.

Needed Items — The Basics
CANNED ITEMS                             PACKAGED ITEMS
Baby food                                          Baby formula
Fruit                                                  Cereal
Juice                                                  Crackers
Meats (Tuna, stew, etc.)                Macaroni & Cheese dinners
Peanut Butter                                  Powdered milk
Soups                                                 Pudding / Jello
Spaghetti sauce                                Ramen noodles
Tomatoes                                          Rice
Vegetables                                        Spaghetti

Cake mix
Pancake mix
Condiments – jam, jelly, mustard, ketchup, salad dressing, salt (no sugar-the mice get it)
Toiletry items – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant
Baby diapers