Due to the difficulty in getting vouchers during the COVID19 emergency, vouchers from other agencies will no longer be needed. You will be asked to verify your name, address family size and eligibility under income guidelines when you visit the Pantry.
Every time
you come to the Pantry for food, you need to bring a food voucher form.
• To get the vouchers you will need personal identification, social security number, and
proof for all children claimed as part of your family (birth certificate).
• When you get your voucher you certify that you are within certain income limits.
• You can get the vouchers at the agencies listed below.
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AMERICAN RED CROSS, 6TH and Muench, 717-234-3101
9AM to Noon, Tuesdays

HELP OFFICE, 419 S. 19th Street,   717-238-2851
9-11 AM and 1-3 PM Monday to Friday (Note: closed Wednesday afternoons)

GATHER THE SPIRIT FOR JUSTICE, 124 South 13th St, 717-512-9449
10 AM – NOON  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER, 1514 Derry St,  717-232-9757
9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday

8:30AM t0 4:00PM, Monday to Friday

DOWNTOWN DAILY BREAD, 234 South Street, 717-238-4717
9AM to Noon, Monday to Friday

SECOND CITY CHURCH, 251 Verbeke Street, 717-232-0604
9:30AM to Noon, Wednesdays

ST. PAUL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 248 Seneca St., 717-233-2175
9:00AM to 1:00PM, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday